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Choose Your Pricing Plan

  • 21 Day Cleanse

    A great way to cleanse your body and feel good
    Valid for one year
    • 5 Week Plan

      A plan that will help you consume all the nutrients you need
      Valid for one year
      • 10 Week Plan

        A structured plan to help you achieve your weight loss goals
        Valid for one year
        • Renew 4-week program

          Athletes who are in recovery from ED and need a tune up
          Valid for 4 weeks
          • Disordered Eating Packages
          • Individualized assessment of nutrition needs
          • Individualized meal plan (if appropriate)
          • 2 follow-up sessions, individualized to treatment goals
        • Eliminate & Reboot

          4-week Plan including Nutritional Sensitivities Test
          Valid for one month
          • Food Sensitivities Package
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