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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"


Elena Zorn, MS, MA, CNP



Imagine a new kind of Healthcare where the focus is on you. A personalized approach to help you navigate life in the best possible way with the healthiest body and mind possible. Finally feel young again and break-through what is holding you back.

Living life to the fullest. Fully based on evidence. No tricks, gimmicks or false promises, but with integrity and excellence.

Do you want to ride the waves of life with ease and enjoy this journey or be tossed around by them suffering and drowning trying just to barely stay alive?

Functional medicine model determines how and why illness occurs and restores health by addressing the root causes of disease for each individual.

Over the years, I developed a protocol for painlessly breaking unhealthy habits-eating too much sugar, late night eating, endless snacking, body bashing-with healthy habits, like craving vegetables, making better food choices, and honoring, respecting, and loving your body. 

I regard both nutrition and emotional health as the core of healthcare and focuses on nutritional and botanical interventions to support chronic, degenerative and auto-immune diseases, patients with cancer, energy and brain health challenges, food intolerances, chronic infections, as well as general disease risk prevention and optimal wellness.

Recipes & Tips 


Check out my recipe page to get inspired! You can also visit my travel page where I you’ll find my top tips on the best travel destinations with health and wellness in mind. In my lifestyle section you can read about how to detox your home and body, improve your mental health, how to boost your immunity and more! When it comes to improving your wellness and inspiring you to get creative in the kitchen with healthy whole foods, ESSEME is your ultimate resource. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Food As Medicine: Effective, Personalized Food Plans

Poor nutrition is a significant driver of chronic illness; improving diet and lifestyle habits has the potential to prevent and even reverse some disease processes. I fully personalize a food plan to match each of your unique health and lifestyle goals.


Family & Group Nutrition Counseling

I provide group and family nutrition counseling services to customized nutrition solutions that works for your specific lifestyle and health concerns using evidence-based culinary medicine principles. 

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