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Metabolism Naturally

Metabolic Balance® | The Individualized Weight Management Program - Providing Everything You Need


Are you struggling to lose weight and keep it off?  Do you feel confused about what you should be eating? Have you tried other diets, but they didn't work for you?  Each person is unique and needs a unique combination of nutrients to maintain optimal health.  But - how do you figure out which are the right foods for you?

Luckily, there's an answer - the metabolic balance® program.  Using information from a simple blood draw, nutritionists and doctors at the metabolic balance® research lab in Germany produce a tailored food plan just for you. This plan gives you all the information and guidance you need, with regular coaching sessions to keep you on track and motivated.

The metabolic balance® solution for a healthy and balanced diet was developed by German MD Dr Wolf Funfack and his team of physicians and nutritional scientists.  This sophisticated program is based on over twenty years of nutritional research and clinical experience. The metabolic balance® all-natural weight management program provides an individualized food plan based on more than 30 of your blood values, which are taken from your blood sample and analyzed against a database of thousands of foods and their nutritional values to find exactly the right foods for you.  Unlike many weight loss diets,  the metabolic balance® program is proven to lead to long-term, sustained weight loss - see this scientific study. Over one million people world-wide have used the metabolic balance® approach!

The unique metabolic balance® program is based on four phases:

  • A two-day preparation and gentle detox.

  • A second phase where you eat only the foods that have been specially selected for your unique nutritional needs. This stage lasts a minimum of two weeks. You also keep to eight simple lifestyle guidelines that help to rebalance your metabolism.

  • In phase three you start to add additional foods into your diet and learn how to listen to your body.

  • Phase four begins when you have reached your personal goal (yay!).  With your new awareness of what your body needs, and by following eight simple guidelines you can easily maintain your new weight. No more yo-yo dieting!

The program includes blood test, metabolic balance® analysis, customized food plan, two in-depth initial sessions, and five or eight ongoing coaching sessions over the course of at least three months. If you want to lose less than 20 pounds, the five-session plan will probably be right for you. If your goal is to lose over 20 pounds, you should consider the eight-session plan.

As your certified metabolic balance® coach, I will guide you through your program based on your nutrition "road map," and help you bring your metabolism back into balance.  Specific natural combinations of complex carbs and high quality proteins in the right amounts for you will help you to lose weight, overcome cravings and increase energy, while your body rebalances itself and regains its natural sense of what it needs. 

Schedule your first metabolic balance consultation and get back on track.



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